Boomerang Moving & Storage - Holyoke, MA

About Boomerang Moving and Storage

Boomerang Moving & Storage is based in Holyoke, MA and is a subdivision of Boomerang Storage, LLC formed in 2008.

Boomerang Moving & Storage’s core focus is on local residential and commercial moving services however, we currently conduct moves up to a 500 mile radius from Western Massachusetts. Our team has the ability to handle all jobs ranging from small 3 hour moving jobs to multi-day jobs / projects. We hold a Massachusetts moving license and have an active US DOT authority enabling us to conduct intrastate and interstate moves. Whether you need moving services within the same town or to another state, we are ready to make your move go without a hitch.

Our commitment

Boomerang Moving & Storage - Holyoke, MABoomerang Moving and Storage prides itself on providing stress free and professional service to each individual client. We enjoy diligently working with each individual client to provide a seamless moving experience. We will strive to meet your every need and expectations from the planning phase to executing a organized and timely move.  

What are our priorities while serving you?

  1. Delivering top notch customer service
  2. Providing a moving and/or storage service that meets your needs and budget
  3. Executing a high quality service
  4. Friendliness
  5. Earning your utmost satisfaction at the completion of your move

These five core  attributes have been the ingredients of our success to date. If I were asked what is one thing that separates Boomerang Moving & Storage from any other other local moving company, my answer would be that we will cautiously and efficiently outwork the competition to ensure your highest level of satisfaction, all the while keeping on a reasonable budget.

MDPU #31673
DOT #2204901
MC #765077